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First-class ghostwriting for economy prices. Peanuts not included.

Maybe you have a great idea and an eager audience, but like many people, you just don’t have the time or skill to write your book. Ghostwriting might be the answer, but some ghosting agencies charge up to $80,000 to write a full-length book. WTF? Can you get your book off the ground without taking out a second mortgage on your house?

Yes, you can. BeastSellers has reinvented ghostwriting and named it BeastWriters. We match you with a top ghostwriter at a fee that suits your budget and then run your project through our one-of-a-kind methodology.

The BeastWriters Method:

  1. Learn your goals for your book.
  2. Build a smart, unique concept and structure.
  3. Ask the best interview questions in the business.
  4. Add original research, content and creative “pieces of flair.”
  5. Where appropriate, create intellectual property that you own.
  6. Communicate regularly and keep you as involved as you want to be.

Our Ghostwriters

Kristin Clark-Taylor

Specialty genres: Memoir, spiritual, self-help

Lauren Kanne

Specialty genres: Memoir, spiritual, self-help

Dennis Kouba

Specialty genres: Business, healthcare, science

Thom Lemmons

Specialty genres: Memoir, historical, political

Tim Madigan

Specialty genres: Historical, business, self-help, memoir

John Parsons

Specialty genres: Business, technology

Chris Simon

Specialty genres: Financial, business, sports, political

Tim Vandehey

Highlights: 50+ books written, 18 published by major imprints, 3 New York Times bestsellers
Specialty genres: Self-help, business, finance, memoir, adventure, spiritual, sports

Lorna Walsh

Specialty genres: Memoir, spiritual, self-help

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