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Selling books is tough. To do it right, you’ve got to be a BEAST.

Two Exercises to Improve Your Writing

The best writing is concise and stripped of excess, and the best writers can write fast without sacrificing quality. Here are two really effective writing exercises anyone can use to write better, clearer and faster. 


Exercise #1: Reduction Reps

Pick a story, any story. A story from your childhood, … read more

Publishers, Tramps and Thieves: How Not to Get Ripped Off By Author Scams

We just got back from Baltimore, where we were representing Beastsellers at Marques Ogden’s Ogden Speaking Academy, a two-day workshop and networking opportunity for budding professional speakers. We met some terrific people, but we also heard an infuriating number of stories about new authors who had been … read more

How Big Do Those Platform Numbers Need to Be? Bigger Than You Think

Because we’re also, respectively, a ghostwriter and a publisher as well as book marketers, not a week goes by that we don’t talk to an author who’s really fired up about the prospects for getting a book deal with a major New York publisher. Unfortunately, that also means that we’re … read more

Digging Deeper into the Numbers: Why Do Publishers Care about Social Media and Email?

In our last post, we talked about the number of social media followers, email addresses and blog readers you need to give yourself the best shot at getting a book deal from a big publisher (assuming that’s your goal). Now, in this follow-up post, we’re going to look at why … read more