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We specialize in 8 areas where authors are chronically underserved:


A polished, professional online brand that extends to your social media, your book cover—everywhere.


Social media strategy, content, promotions and analytics that grow reader relationships and move books.


Micro-targeted PR that gets coverage from the media most likely to have interest in your story, including blogs and podcasts.


We do what speaker bureaus don’t: Aggressively pursue speaking engagements that sell your book.


We flood the Internet with custom-written content about your book, making you impossible to ignore.


Planning, staffing and executing events around your book’s debut, from galas to book signings to press conferences.


Strategies to leverage your personal network and organizational relationships and put your book in the hands of influential people.


Grow your email list, use e-newsletters to build audience interest, and turn incentives into advance sales.



What is your brand saying about you when you’re not around?

At least 50 percent of your opportunities to promote your book—speak, appear on TV, etc.— come because someone happens on your brand by accident. When someone encounters website and social media pages, will they have to suppress their gag reflex? Or will they say, “Hey, this author is for real”? Make sure it’s the latter with a slick author website whose design you can extend to all your media, from posters and bookmarks to social network pages. Strong “passive branding” turns those random inquiries into book sales, speaking opportunities and media appearances.

  • Creation of a compelling, professional, informative author website
    • Features to capture user information and build a reader database: email capture fields, blog subscription forms, blog comment boards
    • A full-featured blog
    • Search engine optimization to drive site traffic
  • Design coordination with all social media pages
  • Swag linked to the book and brand*
  • Submission of your book for appropriate awards for which it is eligible and inclusion of all awards in your branding; up to $100 in entry fees included


Fee: $5,000

*Fee does not include the cost of developing and producing swag. If approved, that will be a separate line item.



Social media can help your book be a success…if you know how to use it.

Social media doesn’t sell a lot of books directly, but it’s an incredible tool for relationship building, keeping fans informed about your activities, and sharing cool and useful stuff about you and your book. We customize your social feeds to coordinate with your brand, ghostwrite posts timed to your activities and promotions, and create social promotions ranging from Facebook Live events to incentives to Goodreads giveaways.

  • Page design for up to 3 social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Periscope, LinkedIn, YouTube)
  • 120-day content creation and posting strategy
  • Development and management of contests/promotions/events
  • Design and posting of up to 5 graphical memes with content based on the book
  • Development and posting of a 3-post, incentive-driven social media campaign of graphics intended to drive book orders
  • Develop a Giveaway for
  • Use of tools like Twitter Analytics to precisely dial in messaging and desired audience and assess effectiveness of content and promotions


Fee: $6,000

*Authors are responsible for responding to comments on social media posts.



Because there’s more to PR than getting on Oprah.

First of all, no retainers. Just a flat, reasonable fee. Second, we don’t make the mistake of focusing on the same national media outlets every author is chasing. Instead, we “micro-target” the media outlets that are most likely to find your book interesting: local and regional media in the area where you’re a local celebrity, specialty media in your genre, high-traffic blogs and podcasts and more.

  • Create a highly targeted press “hit list” of 20-25 outlets with a high probability of interest in your book. These will include television, radio, print, online, podcasts and blogs. The list for this book will primarily focus on:
    1. Local and regional media
    2. Niche media related to the book
    3. Media to which the author has a personal connection (alumni magazines, etc.)
  • Create a PR “happening”—a noteworthy event, video or some other provocative event—to attract media attention
  • Create an electronic press kit (EPK)
  • 120 days of outreach, follow-up and bookings with media outlets
  • Solicit reviews from the top book review bloggers and print book reviewers
  • Expert Placement: Place author with services that connect journalists with expert sources, including Help a Reporter Out, PitchRate and SourceBottle
  • Update social feeds and website with press coverage
  • Managing media booking schedule


Fee: $10,000



We make great speaking engagements and appearances happen.

Speaking and public appearances sell books. There’s nothing like having an author appear in front of an audience. Unfortunately, many speaker’s bureaus wait for bookings to come to them. Not us. We create an ambitious roster of desirable speaking venues based on your personality and audience, including “off-the-reservation” venues like festivals, comedy clubs and trade shows. We aggressively go after every engagement and put together an appearance calendar and support system that attracts attention, builds relationships, and moves books. And unlike speaker’s bureaus, we don’t take a cut of your fees or book sales. You keep every dime you make.

  • Speaking strategy
  • Outreach, booking and appearance management for up to 10 appearances, which can be speaking engagements, round tables, or Q&A sessions
  • Creation of one sheets, video reels, online landing pages or other materials needed to secure speaking engagement
  • Booking management and posting your speaking schedule on your website and social media
  • Speaking coaching as needed
  • Speaking services commence 60 days prior to the book’s publication date and continue to 60 days following publication


Fee: $5,000


Content Monster™

Go from zero to celebrity in no time.

Our proprietary Content Monster plan has a simple goal: get you known online fast. We produce a massive amount of original content based on your book and brand: blog posts, articles, social network memes and more. Then we set the monster loose all around the Internet in the days and weeks before and after your book’s debut so people see and experience your voice and ideas everywhere. It’s probably the closest thing to instant fame you’ll ever experience.

  • 120-day content creation and rollout calendar
  • Create and place 30 pieces of written content supporting the brand and message:
    • 20 short-form (300-600 words)—blog posts, emails, etc.
    • 10 long-form (750-1,500 words)—LinkedIn posts, newspaper columns, articles, etc.
  • Design and post 5 additional graphically rich social media memes featuring passages or messages from the book; designed to go viral.
  • A 20-stop “virtual book tour.” A month-long tour of 20 popular book review and reader blogs. Author and the book will be featured on these targeted blogs with book reviews, profiles, Q&As and promotions, reaching tens of thousands of readers.


Fee: $15,000



Houston, we have a bestseller.

Your book launch is make-or-break time. It’s the window when pre-orders can earn you a spot on a bestseller list and when you’ll get the most interest from the press. Don’t waste it. Let us help you launch the right way, with events and online promotions that start your journey with a splash and attract maximum attention. From a debut gala with confetti and naked clowns (don’t ask) to a publicity stunt that gets mad media coverage, we’ll help a launch you into orbit. LaunchBeast may include:

  • A launch party or press conference
  • Book signings at bookstores and other venues
  • Amazon purchase campaigns designed to send your book to the top of the Amazon category bestseller list
  • Amazon review campaigns designed to get buyers to review your book on Amazon
  • Social media and email pre-order campaigns


Fee: $4,000



It’s not who you know. Well, actually, it is.

Too many authors overlook one of their greatest marketing assets: their personal and professional network. Existing fans, professional colleagues, companies you have a great relationship with—if they’re not helping you promote your book, they should be. We develop programs and strategies to leverage your personal and professional network while building your contact list of movers and shakers. NetworkBeast may include:

  • Strategies and programs to turn personal and professional relationships into marketing impact through social media, emails, endorsements and recommendations
  • Strategies and programs to turn organizational relationships (companies, churches, universities, nonprofits, professional associations, fraternal organizations) into marketing partnerships, speaking invitations and bulk book purchases
  • Influencer campaigns that put your book into the hands of hundreds of people—from sports stars to journalists—with the power to sway your potential readers


Fee: $3,000



Email is like Rodney Dangerfield: It gets no respect. But it should.

Remember when email was a big deal? Then social media came along and email became passé. But we know the truth: when it comes to stoking the passions of your loyal fans and turning it into big book sales, nothing’s better than a consistent email campaign. That’s what we work with you to build, leveraging your existing list and growing it, then deploying tools that turn reader enthusiasm into pre-orders and big sales.

  • Strategies and tools to grow your email list
  • Email templates and e-newsletter design
  • Content ghostwriting for email and e-newsletter campaigns
  • Campaign development and execution

Fee: $4,000